A Shepherd’s Guide

A Shepherd’s Guide

to Herding Sheep

I have a new short blog series that I will be posting over the next few weeks.  I have been thinking on how sheep are such interesting animals, so cute, so trusting, and so “not smart!” LOL, So I think this will be a fun read, and I’m quite sure you will enjoy it. Many believers can probably relate!

It will be a series of fun and humorous posts, but also reality check on our faith, and dealing with issues in the church family.   Artwork or photos will be included!

In my experience in working with Christian leaders on their church websites and apps, it never ceases to amaze me at the wide variety of churches, what they think is important, and how they care for their sheep and most importantly, where God is in their ministry. It’s really given me a lot of material, for the good and the bad. We gather all the information they send us about their church, their ministry, and their beliefs to create websites. My job is to put it all together for them so they can reach out and minister. My goal is to help them, add sheep to the herd, and to help them with tools to guide the sheep once they bring them in gate. I’m a little like a sheep dog! There will be no names, or particular faiths mentioned, but as I write these “parables,” I will enjoy hearing your thoughts on each post! I should have the first post over the weekend!

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